TCUK18 Speaker Derek Cooper – A STEM Sell

Derek Cooper will be giving a presentation at TCUK18 on “A STEM Sell”.

Photo of Derek Cooper with a forest and lake in the background

Let me sell the case for technical communicators to become involved with STEM – the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics subjects taught in schools and colleges. We live in a world that is growing increasingly dependent on mastery of these subjects, and our economies depend on maintaining progress in these areas. I am a STEM Ambassador, and have been working with schools to promote the STEM subjects so that students might consider studying them at degree level and engaging in a related career that is exciting, rewarding, and worthwhile. This presentation describes some of the STEM projects I’ve worked on, and how the students (and teachers) responded and reacted.

About Derek Cooper

Derek is an ISTC Fellow who has worked in technical communication since 1992. Although his background is in marine electronics, his experience includes writing documentation for subjects as diverse as electron and optical microscopy, marine and seismic survey, environmental monitoring, financial services, and veterinary science. Derek has recently taken early retirement from Arm Technical Communications in Cambridge, where for four amazing years he quietly and effectively led a team of extremely talented Information Developers. He has now returned to running his own life as a freelance technical author, mentor, and STEM Ambassador. He is, incidentally, also the Chairman of TCUK.

TCUK 2018 Sponsor – TWi

Logo for TWi

TWi is a leading technical writing and information design service provider, based in Ireland. We partner with clients who require scalable and fully managed documentation solutions to meet their changing needs. We work mainly with multinational clients in the Software, Fintech, Utilities, Engineering, and Pharma/MedTech industries. Thanks to technology and Ireland’s time zone, we’ve worked with teams around the globe.

Clients avail of our technical communication expertise and knowledge of documentation best practices, tools, and strategies to create deliverables fit to accompany their innovative creations. Typical deliverables include SOPs, technical guides, user manuals, online help, training resources, and white papers.

Partner with us to turn your documentation into an asset by:

  • Enhancing knowledge transfer
  • Promoting usability, customer safety, and user satisfaction
  • Generating increased sales
  • Growing internal capacity to meet future documentation needs
  • Supporting legal, quality, and regulatory compliance

TCUK 2017 Sponsor – Imprimatur

Imprimatur is a leader in implementing technology to improve the document creation and management process, offering guidance, training and consultancy to enable our customers to become more efficient.

As part of its strategy to work with the best documentation technologies, Imprimatur is SCHEMA’s sole UK partner, offering sales, support and consultancy to enable customers to implement the SCHEMA ST4 CCMS.

Imprimatur is a specialist language and technology company, providing services to both technical and marketing teams of large companies operating in global markets.

Imprimatur offers languages services – from machine translation right through to copy writing – to enable its customers to be clearly understood in their target markets. By using the latest and most powerful translation management systems, Imprimatur produces high quality translations whilst delivering to the tightest of deadlines.

TCUK 2017 Keynote Speaker – Michael Meng

We are pleased to announce Michael Meng as a keynote speaker for TCUK 2017.

Michael Meng

Michael Meng is Vice Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration and Information Sciences at the Merseburg University of Applied Sciences (Germany).

Michael studied German linguistics and psycholinguistics at the University of Jena (Germany) and the University of Edinburgh. After completing his PhD on syntactic processing during reading in 1998, he worked as a technical writer and later on as department manager of documentation and localization for an international software company. In 2012, Michael was appointed Professor of Applied Linguistics at Merseburg University of Applied Science, where he now teaches courses on text analysis, text production, research methods and cognitive psychology in the B. Eng. and M. A. programs in Technical Communication. He is member of tekom Germany and presents regularly at conferences such as the European Academic Colloquium on Technical Communication, Write the Docs, or the annual tcworld/tekom conference.

Michael Meng’s keynote presentation is about Optimization strategies for API documentation.

TCUK 2017 Keynote Speaker – Mike Hamilton

We are pleased to announce Mike Hamilton as a keynote speaker for TCUK 2017.

Mike Hamilton

Topic-based Authoring – Is it for me?

Sometimes it can feel like everyone in the industry has made the transition to modular content creation, except you. Is this really true? Of course not. How can you decide if it is time to transition from a linear authoring process to a modular or topic-based process? What questions do you need to ask?

If you decide that you could benefit from a topic-based process then where do you begin? Do you start over? Can your existing content be reused? Beyond the content itself, will you need to approach the task of writing differently? Do you have any special content needs that would need to be addressed such as translation/localization requirements or heavy multimedia usage?

What about ongoing maintenance? How will a topic-based process change how you handle edits and content updates? What additional complexity will be introduced into the documentation process and how will it be managed?

These are all questions that Mr. Hamilton will address in this presentation. Transitioning to a modular content workflow can be very powerful or very frustrating. Asking the hard questions up front, and having good answers to those questions can help to ensure a successful transition.

Mike Hamilton will also be giving a presentation on “Five Cascading Style Sheet Techniques That Every Technical Writer Should Know”.

About Mike Hamilton

Mike Hamilton is the Vice President of Product Evangelism at MadCap Software. Prior to joining MadCap Software, he served as the Product Manager for Macromedia’s award-winning RoboHelp product line, where he gathered input and feedback from the customer community and guided ongoing development of the various RoboHelp products.

Mr. Hamilton has over twenty years of experience in training, technical communication, multimedia development, and software development at several organizations including MadCap Software, Macromedia, eHelp, Blue Sky Software, Cymer, a leading supplier of laser illumination sources to the semiconductor industry, National Steel & Shipbuilding and the US Navy.

Mr. Hamilton is often a featured speaker at industry events, including the STC (the Society for Technical Communication) Annual Conference, the annual TEKOM/TC World Conference in Germany, the annual SOAP Conference in Poland, the European Online Documentation Conferences, and many more events. Mr. Hamilton has also appeared at the Microsoft Campus and STC regional conferences and events.