TCUK 2019 Bronze Sponsor – Syncro Soft SRL

Oxygen provides a comprehensive suite of XML authoring, developing, publishing, and collaboration tools. The products are designed to accommodate a large variety of users, ranging from non-technical users to XML experts, and integrates all the major XML-based technologies (including DITA). They are available on multiple platforms (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris, etc.) and in various different forms (as a desktop application, Eclipse plugin, or browser-based tool).

The suite of products include:

• Oxygen XML Editor: All-in-one comprehensive XML authoring, publishing, and developing tool
• Oxygen XML Author: User-friendly, visual XML authoring and publishing tool
• Oxygen XML Web Author: Intuitive XML editing and reviewing tool in any modern web browser
• Oxygen XML Developer: Industry-leading tool for designing XML Schema and transformation pipelines
• Oxygen WebHelp: Convenient, interactive tool for publishing DITA and DocBook content on the web
• Oxygen PDF Chemistry: Attractive PDF output from HTML or DITA through simple CSS styling
• Oxygen Content Fusion – Easy to use, flexible collaboration platform for any type of documentation workflow

TCUK 2019 Bronze Sponsor – MadCap Software

Logo for MadCap Software

We Develop Innovative Software Solutions Backed with World-class Technical Support

MadCap Software was formed in 2005 by industry veterans with decades of experience in the technical communication and documentation industries, with the objective to develop great products backed with world-class technical support.

Today, MadCap Software is a trusted resource for thousands of companies around the globe for single-source, multi-channel authoring and publishing solutions designed for technical communication, knowledge management and content development. From authoring, publishing and translation, to cloud-based project and content management, to contribution and review in the cloud, you can streamline content delivery and manage the entire content development lifecycle with MadCap Software.

TCUK 2019 Silver Sponsor – TWi

    TWi is a leading technical writing and information design service provider, based in Ireland. We partner with clients who require scalable and fully managed documentation solutions to meet their changing needs. We work mainly with multinational clients in the Software, Fintech, Utilities, Engineering, and Pharma/MedTech industries. Thanks to technology and Ireland’s time zone, we’ve worked with teams around the globe.
    Clients avail of our technical communication expertise and knowledge of documentation best practices, tools, and strategies to create deliverables fit to accompany their innovative creations. Typical deliverables include SOPs, technical guides, user manuals, online help, training resources, and white papers.

    Partner with us to turn your documentation into an asset by:
    – Enhancing knowledge transfer
    – Promoting usability, customer safety, and user satisfaction
    – Generating increased sales
    – Growing internal capacity to meet future documentation needs
    – Supporting legal, quality, and regulatory compliance

    TCUK 2019 Silver Sponsor – CAD-IT UK Ltd

    CAD-IT are experts in Service Lifecycle Management and are dedicated to the improvement and advancement of all aspects relating to a product in its service life. By leveraging technology and readily available assets we can enhance our customers’ product and service quality, efficiency, profitability and customer satisfaction.

    We deliver software solutions, services and consultancy support for our customers. We specialise in assessing our customers’ service landscape and helping them improve how they design, support and maintain their products in the field by leveraging technology and process change. This increases the quality of the support and reduces costs across several functional areas.

    TCUK 2019 Bronze Sponsor – Edissero

    Logo for Edissero

    Edissero has been a specialist recruiter of technical communicators since 2003, helping many different companies and organisations, from blue chips to technology start-ups, find the best technical communicators for their technical and business information needs. We help companies in the UK and Europe recruit permanent and contract, full-time and part-time technical authors (from graduates and juniors to expert-level), documentation managers, content strategists, knowledgebase managers, eLearning and instructional designers, editors, bid writers, and user experience designers.

    With 16 years in this specialist market, we love what we do and are proud of our long-term partnerships with our clients and candidates. They tell us we are thorough, efficient, no-nonsense and nice to deal with.

    We look forward to seeing you at TCUK 2019! Please visit our stand to:

    • Register with us and talk about how we can help you further your career.
    • Discuss how we can help you recruit a technical communicator.
    • Take advantage of our 1-to-1 CV MOT service (please bring along your CV).
    • Enjoy a sweet treat from our ever-popular chocolate bowl!

    TCUK 2019 Silver Sponsor – 3di Information Solutions Ltd

    “Complexity made clear”
    3di has delivered technical communication and localization services to global companies, government organisations, and technology and software businesses since 2002. Our in-house team of 40 is based near Guildford, in Kraków and in Edinburgh. Quite a few of us are attending TCUK as delegates.

    Our customers and suppliers love working with us and keep coming back. The people we work with day-to-day like our friendly and reliable approach and our focus on quality — we don’t let them down. The people who pay the bills like our competitive rates and our focus on efficient processes — we save them money.

    Visit our stand at TCUK to:

    • discuss your work and the challenges you face
    • brief us about projects you have coming up
    • tell us about your availability to work with us and our customers
    • find out more about our partnerships with Kothes, and with Madcap

    For more information visit our website