TCUK 2020 Speaker – Lucy Carey – Around the world in 80 JIRA tickets

Lucy Carey’s presentation is titled “Around the world in 80 JIRA tickets”.

Opening up your content to a new language market is rarely just a matter of translation alone. Whilst going global is a fascinating and rewarding process, it can take you well out of your comfort zone. You’ll need to expect the unexpected, and be ready to redraw your delivery map. In this session, I will:

  • Explain some best practices for optimising technical content for translation.
  • Look at how translating and localising docs might impact your planning and release cycles.
  • Take a look at human versus machine translation, and deciding what’s best for your business need.
  • Examine the importance of mindful UI copy.
  • Highlight important things to check in quality control – even when you can’t read the finished product.

For global documentation success, there’s a lot more to consider than just waving the words off to a translator and hoping for the best. Get it right, and your whole content team can benefit from the insights you’ll uncover along the way. You’ll learn new ways of thinking about UX. You’ll find out things about your target market that could influence your whole product strategy. You’ll get to form really strong opinions about AI-based translation. Most importantly, you’ll uncover new and thrilling depths of content geekery.

About Lucy Carey

I’m a writer, editor and content specialist. I have a strong background in technology and government. I’ve worked with words for big tech companies, major publishing labels, the UK Cabinet Office, and small agile startups. I’ve also got experience in translation and localisation.