December 2020 – TCUK online

Our 2nd TCUK Online event is on Wednesday Dec 9th 2020 – 13:00-14:00
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5 To Midnight: even more of a last-minute rush
(Note: This is an update and refresh of David’s 2019 Ten to Midnight presentation)

Session abstract:
Documentation is often written right before the midnight deadline. It’s a classic release-based documentation problem: we think we can’t start to write content until the software is stable, tested and ready for release. But that’s the worst time to access SMEs, do the research, and write good-quality content. We write in a rush, or we release documentation late. It’s a lose-lose scenario for both writers and readers.
However, if we look at practices in code development, we see that “Continuous Integration” (CI) and “Continuous Delivery” (CD) is increasingly being used to solve a similar problem in software, combined with a “Shift left” approach. David will describe how he is adopting a CI/CD solution for documentation, and how you can apply a similar solution yourselves, by both “shifting down” to turn everyone into writers, and by “shifting left” to write documentation earlier.

Professional biography:
David is the Information Architect at Snyk, a software company selling developer-first tools based around the Snyk platform.
David has worked in technical communications for nearly 30 years, including information architecture, technical writing and content development, working on a range of documentation: from product descriptions, to user guides, to detailed API documentation. David has worked for multiple companies in the software sector, including ServiceNow and White Clarke Group.