TCUK online – June 2021

June 2021 will see Bjørn Smalbro speak at TCUK online about designing Adobe FrameMaker templates.

1–2pm, Thursday 10 June 2021
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About the presentation
Bjørn works with all sorts of graphic design. Lately he has taken up developing templates for Adobe FrameMaker. It was in that capacity that Adobe reached out to him, about creating new templates for Adobe FrameMaker 2020.
Adobe FrameMaker, which is the main part of the Adobe Technical Communication Suite, is mostly used for long document publishing like end users guides, product manuals and reference works.
This is an area where graphic innovation can be a bit conservative, so Bjørn was chosen to create some fresh designs.
Being a sample manual, there are some considerations to do and design decisions to contemplate. Bjørn will talk about the design process, the thinking behind it and show the samples. He will also demonstrate how FrameMaker’s templates can be used for working with the aesthetics of publications.
About the presenter
Bjørn Smalbro
Bjørn Smalbro
Bjørn lives in Copenhagen, Denmark with his wife and daughter in a crumbling old bungalow. In his sparetime he likes tinkering with woodwork and and enjoys reading most everything from sci-fi over russian novels to graphic novels. Bjørn also owns and runs and is a webshop specializing in highend Tequila and Mezcal and is a europe oriented tequila blog.