TCUK online – November 2021

For November 2021 we are pleased to welcome Andrea Flolid to complete her trio of TCUK talks that were sadly interrupted by the pandemic, this one is titled “I Don’t Know is on Third”.

4-5pm, Thursday 18 November 2021


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About the presentation

Andrea will talk about the relationship between Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Experience (EX), EX @ Arm, and why Training is important for improving EX. Andrea will conclude with specific examples of the new Tech Comms Training program at Arm.

This is the final presentation in a series based on the famous Abbott & Costello comedy routine, Who’s on First. Get ready to laugh and enjoy one of the funniest skits on mis-communication ever performed.
  • Who’s on First: Audience Analysis (TCUK 2018)
  • What’s on Second: Customer Experience & Content Development  (TCUK 2019)
  • I Don’t Know is on Third: Employee Experience & Training
About the presenter
Andrea Flolid

Andrea Flolid is a Sr. Tech Comms Manager at Arm in Austin, TX. After an early career as an RF Engineer at Motorola, she switched gears to work on technical documentation as an Information Developer (ID). While at Arm, Andrea released 70 documents, totalling almost 250,000 pages of content. She also participated in or lead several change projects as well as managing a global team of IDs. A year ago, Andrea started working part-time as a Program Manager for one of Arm’s key customers. Whether working as an Engineer or an ID, providing customers with high quality, technically accurate products has always been at the centre of Andrea’s career.