TCUK online – December 2021

December 2021 sees Chris Hester return to speak with us, this time about “Content Debt: Understanding the Basics”.

1-2pm, Monday 6 December 2021

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About the presentation
In tech comms, quality documentation has an impact: it can reduce support, training, and development costs and increase conversions and sales. The content we produce can also help to attract and retain customers, minimize risks and liabilities, and increase compliance with regulatory bodies.
But as we continue to create and update content, what happens to the content we leave behind? What is the impact of unused or outdated content on our teams and our customers? And, more importantly, on our environment?
In this session, Chris will talk about the concept of content debt and how lowering it can be an initial step to developing environmentally conscious content. She’ll talk about how to recognize and reduce content debt and provide tips for starting a content debt management plan of your own.
About the presenter
Chris Hester
Chris Hester

Chris Hester is the founder of Red Desk Studio, a consultancy that specializes in content strategy, taxonomy, and knowledge management solutions. She has presented at the TCUK conference and other events.