Leading the change

“The only constant is change” – Heraclitus taught that more than 2,000 years ago. Has anything changed since then? Do we need professional Change Management? “Yes!” says Stefan Gentz, senior business consultant at TRACOM Germany. Manage the change or be changed!

The Tech Comm business is fundamentally changing before our eyes. We keep adapting, and yet – five years from now, ten years, and beyond, the sector will continue to face new technological, demographic, and economic challenges. In this keynote Stefan Gentz will outline a brief history of change and unveil the real triggers that drive the world’s top 500 managers to initiate (and approve!) change projects. After a quick check-up of today’s major social and economic forces driving the need for change Stefan will search the North Pole with the audience (yes, Change Management can be fun!) to start a journey through the top errors in change management. Finally we will conquer the eight steep stages of successful change management, drop off ballast to climb and will eventually learn why Change Management is not Crisis Management.

This session is delivered by Stefan Gentz.