TCUK 2013 Wrap-Up: Presentations, Blogs, and Photos

Here are links to some presentation slides from TCUK 2013, and some blog posts about the event. Please note that presenters have made their slides available at their own discretion, and that all rights remain with the presenters at all times.


Adrian Warman: Managing accessible mobile content

Kai Weber: Addicted to meaning

Chris Atherton and Kai Weber: Bake your own Taxonomy

Sarah O’Keefe: Fame, glory, and … tech comm??

Sarah O’Keefe: Extreme conditions in DITA

Matt Pierce: What you see is what you get – Getting better visuals through design reviews

Matt Pierce: Screen Video – Best practices regardless of the tool

Ray Gallon: The Quantum Funnel – Working with Black Holes of Knowledge

Noz Urbina: Rejigging your mindset for the future of content work

Stefan Gentz: Leading the Change

Fiona Parker: Building a team to support proposal production

Martin Block: Creating narrated videos for user assistance

Mike Unwalla: Patterns in language for POS disambiguation in a style checker

Nigel Wright, Steve Foster, and Ian McGill: Rolls-Royce Common Technical Data

Matthew Ellison: Time-saving tools and techniques for capturing screens

Andrew Peck: When Culture meets Content

Adrian Morse: The Challenges of Remote Management

Colum McAndrew: Content Delivered? Check! OK, How do we use it?

Ellis Pratt: Planning user documentation when you are a start up business

Léonie Watson: Digital accessibility: Strategy, content and delivery

Alison Peck: Managing as a freelance technical communicator

Paul Ballard: Don’t manage: lead

Robert Illes: Technical writing in Energy and Resources: Risks and opportunities

James Monk and Penny Underwood: Using technology to simplify export documentation (Acorn)

Blog posts

TCUK 2013 Storify page (collection of Twitter posts)

Kai Weber: Kai’s blog on Bake your own Taxonomy workshop

Kai Weber: First day of presentations at TCUK 2013

Kai Weber: Second day of presentations at TCUK 2013

Ellis Pratt: Reflections on TCUK 2013

Colum McAndrew: Change and how to achieve it

David Farbey: How to run a techcomm conference

CJ Walker – Firehead blog: TCUK 2013 News and Reviews

TCUK Photos

TCUK 2013 photos on Flickr

About the audio recordings of sessions

Unfortunately our audio recordings of various sessions were not successful and we aren’t able to share any of them at this time.