Announcing more keynote speakers: Doug Kim

We are delighted to announce that Doug Kim of Microsoft is joining us at TCUK 2014.

Doug Kim Doug Kim is Senior Managing Editor for, and leads guidelines and best practices for Voice in Office. He was Arts and Entertainment editor of The Seattle Times for 10 years, and actually finds that editing ballet and restaurant reviews was excellent practice for the tech industry. Although that’s probably a different talk…


Doug will present a keynote session and a special follow-up workshop on "No. More. Robot. Speak. - Our journey to a (way) better Microsoft Voice and why it matters"


In this hands-on workshop, Doug will recap the principles of good editorial voice and some of the mechanics that can help you achieve it. Participants will do one rewrite exercise as a group, then split into teams of 2-3 people. There, you’ll revise a real piece of content that someone else brought, using the principles and writing techniques in play. Doug will share out as many of the revisions as possible in the time available, then allow some socializing and discussion, centered around your revisions.