TCUK15 Speaker – Magda Caloian to present on “Building a DITA pilot project”

Magda Caloian will be presenting “Building a DITA pilot project”.

Magda Caloian

You are considering migrating to DITA and would like to see a proof of concept, but don’t know where to start? Bring your laptop to the DITA Pilot workshop and you’ll see how quickly you can get started. We’ll just follow a few steps:

  1. Design phase:
    • Identify use cases and task analysis
    • Outline the information model and its modules
    • Set up the project structure
  2. Production phase:
    • Writing the topics and the map
    • Publishing PDF and HTML
    • Reviewing

It does not take long to be productive in DITA and to prove its value to your team. Take a running project back to the office with you and turn the DITA business case into reality with a demo for your colleagues.


Knowledge of authoring DITA topics is an advantage, but not a must.

Please bring your laptop.