TCUK15 speaker – Pallabi Roy to present on “Redirecting the “Help” to a Product Networking Site”

Pallabi Roy will be presenting on “Redirecting the “Help” to a Product Networking Site”.

Pallabi Roy

“Traditional technical communication settings tend to provide the customer with large volumes of documentation for a product. But with product interfaces becoming increasingly easy and user-friendly, isn’t comprehensive documentation a waste of time and resources, and moreover, isn’t it an outmoded concept in an Agile setting? To tackle these issues, I will present a talk on how we can replace the traditional “Help/Manual” approach with a networking site built around the product.
In my presentation, I will explain the scope, challenges, and solutions of building a product networking site. Technical communicators can post the product updates directly on this site rather than updating a guide or a help file. It will be a cost- and time-effective approach as it will bolster “minimalism,” eliminate the need of “authoring tools,” and improve “time to market.” It will also be an interactive approach as the customer can share his feedback and raise a query directly on this site. With growing popularity of networking sites among the users, it will prove to be a trending approach to technical communication in the coming years.
In a recent project, I implemented this approach for two customers, and the response that I got was overwhelming. In my presentation, I will talk about these two use cases, challenges that I faced while putting this approach in place, and how I got over these challenges. I anticipate this approach can do more to expand the boundaries of traditional technical communication.”