TCUK15 Speaker – Neil Perlin to give a workshop on “Creating Mobile Apps without Programming – A New Opportunity for Technical Communicators?”


Neil Perlin will give a workshop on “Creating Mobile Apps without Programming – A New Opportunity for Technical Communicators?”.

Neil Perlin

Help and web authoring once required programming knowledge until WYSIWYG tools emerged and let technical communicators create help and web sites. App development is now following the same path. WYSIWYG app tools now let technical communicators create apps. Is this a new opportunity for us?

This workshop introduces the mobile app space. We’ll look at types of apps that technical communicators might create. We’ll then create a simple app with no programming, using a tool called ViziApps. You’ll see how to add pages, navigation, email, and other features. You’ll be able to run the finished app on your phone in preview mode, without the app’s being published. You’ll leave with a sense of the app market, tools, design concepts, and a working app to demo.

Note – This workshop is a demonstration, but Neil will provide instructions for attendees who want to follow along and create the app on their laptops.