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PleaseTech Ltd.

PleaseTech is a technology company specializing in collaborative document co-authoring and review software.

Whilst technical writing primarily involves the use of XML-based editing tools, documentation such as articles, case studies, educational content, manuals, specification, guides, contracts, proposals and more are created, updated and reviewed in formats including Microsoft Word and PDF.

Our flagship product, PleaseReview™, is a proven collaborative review and co-authoring solution for Microsoft® Word® and other document types including source code. It facilitates controlled, simultaneous and secure collaboration for the review and editing of documents.

Whilst document review and co-authoring is recognized as a critical business issue which consumes considerable resources across the organization, the basic problem remains: if you have a Microsoft Word document (or Excel, PDF, etc.) and need several people to review it, how do you do that in an efficient and controlled way? This is where PleaseReview adds value: it offers control, management and metrics to the review, accommodates both online and offline reviewers (supporting a mobile workforce) and enables secure collaboration with external partners. In addition, its extensive functionality is easy to learn and use, promoting efficient team work and happier reviewers.

In an environment where greater productivity and tighter deadlines require smarter processes, PleaseReview can help reduce review cycles by up to 65%, time spent in review meetings by 60% and delivers typical savings of 35% in document production costs.

PleaseTech has satisfied customers ranging from small consultancies to global organizations from multiple business sectors including Life Sciences, Defense, IT, Utilities and Government and across disciplines such as regulatory, proposals, software engineering, marketing, contract management, QA and more.

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