TCUK16 Speaker Raymond Gillespie – “Backspace to the future: plain text in the 21st Century”


Raymond Gillespie will be presenting at TCUK16 on “Backspace to the future: plain text in the 21st Century”.

Raymond Gillespie

In this presentation, Raymond Gillespie will step through the history of plain text software documentation. He’ll bring us up-to-date with some examples of contemporary documentation written in Markdown, reStructuredText and AsciiDoc—three of the most popular lightweight markup languages. To finish, Raymond will touch on some key questions facing technical communicators today:

  • What types of documentation projects lend themselves to lightweight markup approaches and what types don’t?
  • Is there a middle ground? Can we integrate lightweight approaches into a more structured approach, for example in conjunction with DITA?

About Raymond Gillespie

Raymond Gillespie has over 20 years experience in the field of information technology. For the past 15 years, Raymond has lived in Budapest, Hungary, working as both a software engineer and a technical writer, mainly in the fields of telecommunication, medical imaging, and navigation software. He is currently working for Nokia as part of an R&D System Verification and Customer Documentation team. He holds an MSc in information management from Lancaster University Management School (UK).