TCUK16 Speaker George Lewis – “DevOps documentation: Manage documentation in a shared ownership environment”


George Lewis will be presenting at TCUK16 on “DevOps documentation: Manage documentation in a shared ownership environment”.

George Lewis

DevOps encapsulates the collaboration between Development and Operations teams to create, deliver and operate a product or service. But in such a collaborative structure, who is responsible for the documentation?

Technical authors face a challenge when working with collaborative structures: knowledge is created in the team with the right specialty, not necessarily in the team which owns the document.
As organisations seek to deliver products and services to market at an ever quicker pace, collaborative structures such as DevOps are becoming more common. To make the issue more challenging, these teams may be spread across different organisations and countries.

I shall share doc-department’s experience working with DevOps organisation and how we overcame these challenges with an Open DevOps documentation approach that supports collaboration and communications across teams.

About George Lewis

George is the Managing Director of doc-department; a company that helps organisations access best in class technical authoring services to support their operations and marketing strategies.
Having started his career in tech comm over 15 years ago in Germany, George has served his time as a writer of documents as well as a consultant helping organisations automate their documentation workflows.

George is passionate about changing the perception of tech comm from a costly burden to a solution for business information issues.

You can follow George and doc-department on @docdepartment or on their blog at