TCUK16 Speaker Leanne Visser – “And… Action! How to get started with creating instructional videos on a budget”


Leanne Visser will be presenting at TCUK16 on “And… Action! How to get started with creating instructional videos on a budget”.

Leanne Visser

Is your Online Help wordy and bulky? Is your manager asking for videos, because no one reads manuals? Is it easier to show a workflow instead of documenting it?

Videos are a great tool to reach users: they have a high visual appeal and wow-factor. People like them: over 50% of internet traffic consists of video.

This session is an introduction in making your own instructional videos, focusing on getting started with recording and editing that first video.

Leanne will include lessons learned at Medicore, where they implemented a video curriculum from scratch, so you won’t make the same mistakes!

About Leanne Visser

Leanne is the sole technical communicator at Medicore, a Dutch Healthcare IT company. Being passionate about stories, she studied English Language & Literature.

Her career started with editing and writing articles for catalogues at auction house Christie’s. She traded art for Healthcare IT to become a translator/Project Manager at Epic, and hasn’t looked back.

At Medicore she is in the process of changing the traditional written Online Help into a modern and user friendly documentation suite containing a mix of help texts, Quick Reference Guides and instruction videos.