TCUK 2017 – Call for proposals


The TCUK Committee proudly announces the theme for the 2017 conference: Staying on Topic.

Topic-based authoring uses a modular pattern for content creation. It structures information into topics that can be combined and reused in different contexts, and is distinct from book-oriented or narrative content that follows a linear structure from beginning to end.

Topic-based writing methodologies are gaining recognition and acceptance across all business domains. They require content creators to produce information in distinct stand-alone chunks or topics, which can combine to create deliverables that are well-written, well-structured, and of high quality for efficient and effective distribution through any chosen delivery channel. In return, end users find the content more convenient to access and navigate, and the information they seek easier to find and more reliable.

There is a particular skill to the creation of topic-based and modular content. It involves careful analysis and categorization of the source material and the creation of discrete stand-alone topics that are complete and properly formed in their own right. The modular nature of these topics means Content Developers can reuse them many times. Subsequently, subject matter experts need to review them only once as a stand-alone entity, after which they need only to review their validity as a component of a larger collection.

We look forward to meeting experienced practitioners of topic-based writing, those who have yet to develop the necessary skills, and delegates who have a more general interest in technical communication. As usual, the conference also invites proposals for off-theme presentations on subjects that are of broader interest to scientific and technical communicators.

The conference offers valuable opportunities for delegates, speakers and tools vendors to network and exchange ideas and experiences, and to benefit from working in an environment that is rich in technical communication expertise.

We also welcome those who might still be at University and still undecided about their future career path, or who may be unaware of the opportunities that our profession presents. Again, we also invite those who are closely involved in the recruitment process so they may benefit from having a potential pool of talent from which to draw candidates for their growing businesses.

For more details and to submit your proposal please visit our call for proposals page.

The call for proposals ends on Wednesday, 26th April 2017.