TCUK17 Speaker Danielle M. Villegas – “The Future of Mobile Learning”


Danielle M. Villegas will be presenting at TCUK17 on “The Future of Mobile Learning”.

Photo of Danielle M. Villegas

This presentation will tie together how early efforts to create and promote literacy are tied to e-learning and how technology helped the evolution of that process, explain the basic concepts behind m-learning practices and instructional design, and provide evidence of efforts now being done to revise how m-learning is conducted on smart devices through current thought in the m-learning industry. While the main concepts here are geared towards instructional designers or help authors, anyone writing help documentation, or those wanting to write for mobile can learn the principles that can form the mindset needed to write mobile content.

About Danielle M. Villegas

Danielle M. Villegas is a technical communicator who has recently started her own consultancy, Dair Communications. She is best known in the technical communications world for her blog,, which has flourished since its debut in 2012. She has presented webinars and seminars for Adobe, the Society for Technical Communication (STC), the IEEE ProComm, and at Drexel University’s eLearning Conference, as well as written articles for the STC Intercom, STC Notebook, the Content Rules blog, the InSyncTraining blog, and The Content Wrangler. You can learn more about Danielle on LinkedIn, on Twitter at @techcommgeekmom, through her blog, or