TCUK17 Speaker Neil Perlin – “We’re Going Mobile! Great! Wait. What Does That Mean?”


Neil Perlin will be presenting at TCUK17 on “We’re Going Mobile! Great! Wait. What Does That Mean?”

Photo of Neil Perlin

So you’re taking your documentation mobile. Great!

But just saying “mobile” is too vague. Is it an app? Responsive online help? Something else? And how might going mobile affect how you create content? Come to this presentation to find out.

We’ll look at three definitions of “mobile” – responsive design, “mobilized” online help, and apps –pros and cons and tools. We’ll then discuss changes to your documentation practices, such as greater syntactical rigor, eliminating local formatting, modifying or eliminating tables, and more.

You’ll leave this presentation with a solid understanding of your technical and workflow options for going mobile.

Neil Perlin is also doing a workshop at TCUK17: “Topic-Based and Structured Authoring – Keeping It Simple”

About Neil Perlin

Neil has 38 years experience in technical communication, 31 in development, training, and consulting for online formats and tools ranging from cutting edge to dead. He is certified for Flare, Mimic, RoboHelp, and ViziApps Studio and consults on them, along with single sourcing, structured authoring, and apps.

Neil was a columnist for STC and IEEE and is a popular conference speaker, recently at TCUK15. He ran STC’s Bleeding Edge, and represented STC to the W3C for four years. He has written eight books on computing, including Advanced Features in MadCap Flare 10 and Creating Mobile Apps without Coding.

In his spare time, Neil builds telescopes, flies aircraft carrier simulators, and barbecues meat. Contact him at or on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter (@NeilEric).