TCUK17 Speaker Rahel Anne Bailie – “Topic-based writing in the molecular world”


Rahel Anne Bailie will be giving a workshop at TCUK17 on “Topic-based writing in the molecular world”.

Photo of Rahel Anne Bailie

The demands on content are growing.

There’s Germany’s Industry 4.0 initiative, which assumes that the interoperable exchange of data within manufacturing technologies. They don’t call it content, but content developers know all about content denial. An Information 4.0 consortium has already sprung up to prepare us for what’s to come when the content to be delivered is expected in smaller and smaller chunks.

On another front, artificial intelligence and cognitive computing are shaping the content mix. In some ways, topics become more irrelevant; in other ways, well-formed and semantically rich topics are more important than ever.

In this workshop, we will look at these two emerging practices, and examine ways to deal with the sometimes competing, sometimes complementary demands on our topic-based content. Using some basic examples, participants will explore a range of solutions and outcomes through hands-on exercises.

About Rahel Anne Bailie

Rahel Anne Bailie brings a strong understanding of the complexities of managing the editorial and technical aspects of content, throughout the entire content lifecycle, to ensure that content is the driver for existing and emerging channels within the context of a rich customer experience. Chief Knowledge Officer at Scroll, Fellow of the Society of Technical Communication, and organiser of the Content Seriously meetup. She is co-author of Content Strategy: Connecting the dots between business, brand, and benefits and co-editor of The Language of Content Strategy. She is working on her next book on writing for a structured content environment.