TCUK17 Speaker Mark Dennett – “How to win friends as a technical author, and influence the development of software”


Mark Dennett will be presenting at TCUK17 on “How to win friends as a technical author, and influence the development of software”.

Photo of Mark Dennett

Drawing on my recent experience as a technical author working in multi-national software environments, I will identify the challenges in producing quality documentation, and discuss some helpful strategies. I will argue that the technical author possesses a range of skills that could make them essential to the software development process, particularly with regard to terminology, and the development of the user interface. By providing guidance and feedback into the development process, I will describe an approach that will allow us to become an essential cog in the development machine, rather than a spare part.

About Mark Dennett

Born in East Yorkshire, I studied English and Philosophy at Staffordshire University before moving to Bristol to work in video production. I then worked in IT and telecoms support, spending ten years at Buro Happold Engineering in Bath. I eventually worked in the IT Infrastructures team, supporting several international offices. In my final years at Bath, I completed a part-time MA in Technical Communication at Portsmouth University. This enabled me to develop a career as a technical author. After briefly working for Sky, I secured my first technical author role at CAE Mining, before moving to Zuken at Bristol, where I currently work as a senior technical author.