TCUK17 Speaker Graeme West – “Resistance is futile! How automation can improve your docs – and your life”


Graeme West will be presenting at TCUK17 on “Resistance is futile! How automation can improve your docs – and your life”.

Photo of Graeme West

Continuous Integration (CI) tools are used by software engineers to test and deploy code on a daily basis – but their benefits for technical writers are less well understood. In this presentation, we will explain the benefits of CI tools in your docs workflow.

We’ll consider how automation can achieve two key goals: improving quality and encouraging innovation.

CI tools can make regular checks of content, such as grammar, broken links, and file validity. More importantly, adopting an automation mentality lets you become a ‘writing engineer’ who takes ownership of implementing continuous improvements to your workflow.

About Graeme West

Graeme West is a technical writer from Glasgow, Scotland, who focuses on software documentation and localisation. He has interests in automation, process improvement, and working closely with development teams.

He works for Verint, a global leader in business and public sector intelligence systems. He previously designed and implemented the documentation system for NCR’s Mobile Centre of Excellence. He has also worked as a community manager, developer, and sysadmin.

In his spare time, he writes about himself in the third person, and wonders why you are still reading his boring biography.