TCUK17 Speaker Karen Mardahl – “Surviving the agile enterprise: case study from the trenches”


Karen Mardahl will be presenting at TCUK17 on “Surviving the agile enterprise: case study from the trenches”.

Photo of Karen Mardahl

What are the challenges for ten technical communicators in a large company moving from a waterfall development environment to an agile development environment with about 500 developers and testers?

This is a case study about writers learning together to work the agile way in a world that is in flux.

My colleagues and I use our own technical writing community of practice to guide ourselves via our successes and failures, and to teach our developer/tester colleagues about what we do. We are now reaping the benefit of our move to topic-based authoring several years ago. We still have challenges fitting a backlog of non-TBA legacy material into the fast-paced world of SAFe – Scaled Agile Framework for Enterprises.

I will share our plans, our goals, our challenges, and our frustrations using real-life anecdotes from the trenches.

About Karen Mardahl

I am a senior technical writer at SimCorp in Denmark where I do my part to document an investment management system for the financial industry. I have long been keen on issues of accessibility and usability for technical communicators. That interest is still very strong and will never disappear. Lately, my daily focus has been on how a technical communicator can get things done in an agile world. I feel privileged to work together with great colleagues on finding answers to all our agile questions. TCUK17 will be my eighth TCUK conference. You can find me on Twitter @kmdk.