TCUK17 Speaker Yuri Kolber – Best Practices of Documentation Migration Projects, an OTC Case Study

Yuri Kolber, from sponsor OnTarget Communications, will be presenting a case study at TCUK17 on “Best Practices of Documentation Migration Projects”.

Photo of Eran (Yuri) Kolber
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The case study examines the learnings, both positive and negative, from two migration projects (both for customers with global audiences). In both cases the customers were looking to move documentation to a collaborative platform, that would enable value delivery through version control, effective re-use of content, and efficient distribution of documentation. Due to the different requirements and audiences, the solutions selected for the customers were substantially different technically (from a toolset perspective), but both delivered the desired results. The session will provide guidelines for ensuring that migrating documentation to new platforms and toolsets, is as painless as possible.

About Eran (Yuri) Kolber

Eran (Yuri) Kolber is the Director of Training and Professional Services for OnTarget Communications. As part of his duties, he assists customers world-wide with Training Needs Analysis, Training Delivery, Content Creation and Management, Migration Project Planning and Execution, Knowledge Transfers, and extracting the maximum business value from technology, in the age of the Cloud and Mobility.

Yuri served as a Platform Evangelist for Microsoft for many years, and has assisted global consulting organizations, such as Holden International, to plan and roll-out content management and training programs for their customers.

He also leads OnTarget’s Internship program, which helps entrants into the industry obtain the required experience.