TCUK17 Speaker Joanna Kusiak – “Topic-Based Authoring Tools: Adapting to Organisational Evolution”

Joanna Kusiak will be presenting at TCUK17 on “Topic-Based Authoring Tools: Adapting to Organisational Evolution”.

Photo of Joanna Kusiak

As with prehistoric human societies, adopting new tools can be a necessary organisational response to new developments, enabling further progression. This presentation explores the decision-making process and factors involved in choosing authoring tools appropriate to organisations’ needs, particularly in circumstances of changing requirements.

The focus is on identifying the factors that have the most bearing on tool planning, investment, and implementation decisions, within complex documentation environments. The talk examines some practical considerations when implementing new tools to facilitate the work of multiple, dispersed documentation teams. Issues such as stability, usability, remote accessibility, and additional features are addressed.

About Joanna Kusiak

Joanna Kusiak has worked in the technical communication industry for the past nine years. After starting as a student intern at a global corporation in Poland, she expanded her experience in Germany and Ireland. Joanna now works as a senior information developer with TWi, an Irish-based provider of outsourced technical writing, editing, and documentation solutions.

Joanna’s professional interests revolve around authoring tools, information architecture, and single-sourcing. Her role involves teaching SMEs, learning architects, and instructional designers how to use authoring tools and content management systems, and helping them to define documentation processes, design stylesheets, and manage DITA implementation.