TCUK17 Speakers Chris Smith & Rob Woodgate – “Creating Integrated API Documentation Experiences for Users”

Chris Smith and Rob Woodgate will be presenting at TCUK17 on “Creating Integrated API Documentation Experiences for Users”.

Photo of Chris Smith

Photo of Rob Woodgate

There’s rarely the equivalent of a content writer/UI/UX designer creating an API structure and names. This leads to a disconnect between formal specification of an API and the supplementary authored documentation, which usually exist as separate deliverables.

In our presentation we will:

  • Highlight some of the common pitfalls that API designers and technical writers fall into;
  • Describe some approaches and techniques that will help mitigate these pitfalls;
  • Demonstrate how content overlays can be used to narrow the disconnect between the API specification and the authored documentation, producing a single consumable.
  • About Chris Smith

    Chris is the chief architect at Companies House. He is mainly responsible for the strategy and architecture of their web and API services, in particular the and REST API services, which satisfy tens of millions of free data requests a day.

    Chris is a writer who is passionate about effective documentation, especially for API design and specification, and this led him to create DapperDox, a documentation tool for seamlessly combining API specifications and authored documentation into a rich browsable experience. You can find him on Twitter @zxchris.

    About Rob Woodgate

    Rob is a Documentation and Knowledge Management consultant who helps companies get the most out of their documentation. He works as a writer, trainer, scrum master and agile coach and is currently helping Companies House roll out SharePoint.

    Rob blogs at on various techcomm subjects, and spends what little other spare time he has tweeting things about documentation from @agiledoc.