TCUK17 Speaker Matthew Ellison – “Re-use Strategies for Topic-based Authoring”

Matthew Ellison will be presenting at TCUK17 on “Re-use Strategies for Topic-based Authoring”.

Photo of Matthew Ellison

This presentation describes a range of ways in which you can sensibly maximise the re-use of content within a topic-based authoring environment. It considers the high-level information architectural issues, and recommends strategies that you can adopt whether you are using an XML-based content management system or a Help Authoring Tool. The session also considers the impact of information re-use on translation, and warns against some of the pitfalls of taking re-use too far.

About Matthew Ellison

Matthew has over 25 years of experience as a user assistance professional in the software industry. He now runs UA Europe, an independent UK-based training and consulting company that specialises in user assistance design and technology. Matthew holds a B.Sc. in Electronic Engineering and a Post-Graduate Certificate of Education from Bristol University. In 2009 he was the winner of the prestigious Horace Hockley award that is presented annually by the ISTC.