TCUK17 Speaker Phil Lane – “Creating content and output for mobile and embedded devices”


Phil Lane will be presenting at TCUK17 on “Creating content and output for mobile and embedded devices”.

Photo of Phil Lane
Whilst mobile devices can deliver a fantastically rich user experience, they often share some attributes with embedded devices, such as limited screen size, storage capacity or methods of interaction. We will examine the tools and techniques that allow you to adapt your content to work on both types of device, working around these limitations.

However, even embedded devices can support some dynamic capabilities, so we will explore these features, explaining how they can help your content become more interactive and appealing, and more useable as a result.

About Phil Lane

Phil Lane is a Content Strategy Specialist at Imprimatur Limited. He combines his experience in XML with his understanding of documentation processes to develop strategies and implementation plans that deliver improved documentation efficiency.

Phil particularly relishes projects in the automotive industry, where finding solutions is often challenging because of the need for simultaneously-available multi-lingual content, the pressures of a strict 12-month product cycle, and the tightly-constrained in-vehicle operating environment.

Phil holds a degree in Engineering and has a strong computer systems background reaching back over 13 years.