TCUK17 Speaker John Lee – “Our way is not the only way – a reuse and single sourcing model”

John Lee will be presenting at TCUK17 on “Our way is not the only way – a reuse and single sourcing model”.

Photo of John Lee

ARM design suites of heterogeneous computing cores all baselined on a specific implementation of the ARM architecture model. This provides opportunities for enhanced quality control and process improvement. One such improvement is a multi-layered reuse model that enables content sharing across the suite, with reduced development time and an ability to accurately make fast updates. This presentation describes the mechanics of that reuse model. The model uses both profiling and key-defined content switching and worked extremely well for ARM.

About John Lee

John gained his electronics training in the British Army, rising from apprentice technician through to system engineer in a 23-year career. He used his technical writing experiences within the Army to start a second career as a Technical Author almost 20 years ago. He spent 9 years at Motorola, before branching out as a contractor. John has worked on a variety of projects, from microelectronics, educational software, military hardware and the financial sector. He currently works for ARM as a permanent colleague in a Staff Information Developer role.