TCUK17 Speaker Andrew Mills – “It’s in the Game – The art of Creating a Helpful Video Game Guide”


Andrew Mills will be presenting at TCUK17 on “It’s in the Game – The art of Creating a Helpful Video Game Guide”.

Photo of Andrew Mills

“What’s that? You can be paid to play, and write about, video games full-time? Well, sign me right up!” Whoooa! Easy tiger. There’s a substantial amount more to writing a, helpful, guide to the latest and greatest video games than just having a blast and knocking up a few words.

In fact, it’s a lot of very demanding work. As someone who has produced more than 140 game guides over a 14-year period, I thought I’d share how my workflow evolved from creating simple word documents, to incorporating high-definition videos and narrative audio in eBooks and mobile apps.

About Andrew Mills

In March 1999, my first video game guide was published in the pages of N64 Magazine. In 2003, I began creating numerous text and video tutorials for the Metroid video game series and this experience led to me becoming the ‘go-to’ video game guide author for most of Future Publishing – Europe’s largest magazine publisher.

I continued to create and self-publish video game guides for digital platforms, such as iOS applications and e-books, before moving into the role of Technical Author in the business software sector in 2015. Today I’m growing professionally as a Senior Information Developer for ARM in Cambridge.