TCUK17 Speaker Andrew Mills – “How to Create High-Quality Video Tutorials (the Easy Way)”

Andrew Mills will be giving a workshop at TCUK17 on “How to Create High-Quality Video Tutorials (the Easy Way)”.

Photo of Andrew Mills

When creating a video tutorial, it’s important that it not only conveys its key message, but also looks and, most importantly, sounds the part.

That’s where this workshop comes in. I will show you a fast and efficient production workflow that not only emphasises quality, but provides reusable templates that speed up the development of future videos.

The workshop will cover multiple areas, from audio capture (and improving it in post-production), to the creation and use of Title Cards and Lower-Thirds, right down to best way to compress the final video.

Workshop Difficulty: Beginner to intermediate.

Software Requirements: The core concepts and advice given can be applied across many different video and audio editing packages. For this workshop, I’ll be using the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, but you can use any editing software that’s currently available to you. However, if you wish to follow along using the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, then Adobe currently offer a free, fully functional, 7-day trial.

Hardware Requirements: You and your laptop.

About Andrew Mills

In March 1999, my first video game guide was published in the pages of N64 Magazine. In 2003, I began creating numerous text and video tutorials for the Metroid video game series and this experience led to me becoming the ‘go-to’ video game guide author for most of Future Publishing – Europe’s largest magazine publisher.

I continued to create and self-publish video game guides for digital platforms, such as iOS applications and e-books, before moving into the role of Technical Author in the business software sector in 2015. Today I’m growing professionally as a Senior Information Developer for ARM in Cambridge.