TCUK17 Speaker Charlotte Claussen – “Live mentoring/what is technical communication?”

Charlotte Claussen will be giving a workshop at TCUK17 on “Live mentoring/what is technical communication?”

Photo of Charlotte Claussen

This session is for both newbies and experienced professionals.

For newbies: Bring a sample text, or a write-up an issue you would like to discuss or get feedback on. Hopefully you will not only get some valuable feedback, but also learn more about what experienced professionals think is best practice.

For experienced professionals: You might already be active in online discussions, but here is your chance to discuss an issue directly with the person raising a question, as well as have your ideas of best practice challenged by other professionals.

You will work in groups where one or two persons present a work sample or question for the group to discuss. Prizes are given to the group member who gives the best input in each group.

A second round will be for the groups to sum up opinions and statements on professionalism or best practice in our field that were revealed during discussions.

The idea behind this is that general discussions about professionalism or best practices tend to be vague, while focused discussions on a concrete issue will highlight the common ground as well as different opinions.

About Charlotte Claussen

Technical writer with experience from start-up-, agency-, and corporate environments, currently working as a project manager for Cisco.

Being a technical writer is the perfect fit for her. She is motivated by the continuous learning and by helping others. And as a bonus, she gets to pursue her interest in how people know what to do with stuff.