TCUK18 Keynote Speaker Ciaran Dunne – Creating great customer experiences through outstanding technical support and content

Ciaran Dunne will be giving his TCUK18 keynote talk on “Creating great customer experiences through outstanding technical support and content”.

Ciaran Dunne photo

As the technical support, content and training provider to Arm’s customer and developer base their Partner Enablement Group needs to be customer focused and deliver a high quality experience. In this presentation Ciaran Dunne will share his experiences of leading a modern technical support organisation and provide an overview of the activities and changes they have made over the last few years to ensure the team is 100% committed to supporting our customer base and how we have brought the wide range of services we provide together to build a cohesive and engaging customer experience.

About Ciaran Dunne

Ciaran Dunne started his career in the electronics and technology industry over 20 years ago having been drawn into the world of engineering from University. He’s held a number of different roles that have shaped his knowledge of the industry, spanning engineering, project management, and operations management. He freely admits that when he joined the Partner Enablement Group (PEG) at Arm he knew next to nothing about technical writing, he now claims to know ‘a little bit more’ having immersed himself in the discipline by getting to know the 70+ Information Developers in PEG, and leading them through a significant change programme. He took up the position of General Manager of PEG three years ago and it’s allowed him to fulfil his passion for creating outstanding customer experiences, and establishing a ‘people first’ culture in the organisation.

Away from work Ciaran spends as much time as he can with his family and slightly bonkers border terrier.