TCUK18 Speaker Derek Cooper – Quiet Leadership – Why it works in proactive organisations

Derek Cooper will be giving a presentation at TCUK18 on “Quiet Leadership – Why it works in proactive organisations”.

Photo of Derek Cooper with a forest and lake in the background

Leaders don’t have to be flamboyant, talkative, ‘do what I say’ types. Quiet leaders work with their teams, explaining the team’s objectives, and then engaging and enabling their team’s collective intelligence to develop solutions that fulfil those objectives, often in innovative and unexpected ways. Quiet leadership is about creating a team of motivated, valued and trusted people who are capable of becoming leaders in their own right, rather than forming a group of followers who are fearful of taking initiatives or making mistakes. I invite you to take another look at leadership and to recognise the subtle power of quiet.

About Derek Cooper

Derek is an ISTC Fellow who has worked in technical communication since 1992. Although his background is in marine electronics, his experience includes writing documentation for subjects as diverse as electron and optical microscopy, marine and seismic survey, environmental monitoring, financial services, and veterinary science. Derek has recently taken early retirement from Arm Technical Communications in Cambridge, where for four amazing years he quietly and effectively led a team of extremely talented Information Developers. He has now returned to running his own life as a freelance technical author, mentor, and STEM Ambassador. He is, incidentally, also the Chairman of TCUK.