TCUK19 Speaker Margaretha Hopman – ISO 20607 … just another standard that tells you how to do your job?

Margaretha Hopman will be giving a presentation at TCUK19 on “ISO 20607 … just another standard that tells you how to do your job?”.

ISO 20607 “Safety of machinery – Instruction handbook – General drafting principles” is a new standard that will be on the list of harmonized standards for the Machinery Directive. Standards are usually rather boring documents, but this very practical type-B standard might help you in creating the right content for instructions for use with machines.
After a brief recap of what the Machinery Directive (2005/42/EG) says about instructions for use, I will explain the main points of ISO 20607. I’ll suggest an approach for an updated workflow and there will be a checklist to help you get started.

About Margaretha Hopman

Margaretha Hopman has been a self-employed content creator since 1991, working mainly as a technical writer, occasionally as a trainer and sporadically as an instructional designer. She has worked with various authoring tools, but MadCap Flare has been her tool of choice for the past 8 years. She loves designing documentation structures that work and that are future-proof.

In summer, Margaretha spends a lot of time in her garden to grow her own fruits and vegetables. In the winter months, she attempts to master the art of watercolour painting, and she goes ice skating as often as possible.