TCUK18 Speaker Mike Unwalla – To make text as clear as possible, use Simplified Technical English

Mike Unwalla will be giving a presentation at TCUK18 on “To make text as clear as possible, use Simplified Technical English”.

Photo of Mike Unwalla on a black background

Human failures cause accidents. A typical cause of human failure is unclear instructions. Simplified Technical English (STE) makes text as clear as possible.

English can be difficult for people who read English as a second language. Phrasal verbs (multi-word verbs) such as ‘carry out’ and ‘put up with’ are a special problem. STE prevents this problem.

Frequently, instructions must be in the language of the readers. STE decreases the cost of translation.

The implementation of STE is not easy. Possibly, technical communicators will resist the use of STE. Terminology management and help from subject-matter experts are necessary.

About Mike Unwalla

Mike Unwalla is a freelance technical communicator who trades as TechScribe ( He helps organizations to supply clear and effective user manuals to their customers. Mike uses controlled language to make his documents as clear as possible. He develops and sells a term checker for the controlled language ASD-STE100.