TCUK18 Keynote Speaker Toni Ressaire – Design & Test a Chatbot Conversation (workshop)


In addition to her keynote talk, Toni Ressaire will also be giving a TCUK18 workshop on “Design & Test a Chatbot Conversation”.

Photo of Toni Ressaire

In this interactive workshop, you’ll design a customer journey, write user scenarios, and design a chatbot conversation. You’ll then have the opportunity to test your conversation in a simulator.

To make this session more interesting, I ask you to prepare by bringing an idea for a real non-profit organization. You’ll work with a group to develop a chatbot conversation. We will have a competition, and the winner will have the opportunity to turn the conversation into a published chatbot for the organization. (The organization must have an existing website.)

We’ll also talk about various chatbot platforms and how you can publish your own chatbot.

For this workshop you will need pen and paper or mind-mapping software and a computer with Internet connection. We’ll provide Internet access.

No lurkers! Come to this workshop prepared to participate!

About Toni Ressaire

Toni Ressaire is a technical communicator, trainer and consultant. She’s worked with companies in the software development industry on five continents. Toni has some rather non-traditional uses for traditional tech comm tools. She’s currently working with a team developing innovative tools and methodologies to answer the need for information applied to existing and new technologies (VR, AI, chatbots, etc.).

Toni is a founding member of the Information 4.0 Consortium, Tech Writers Without Borders and she’s an Adobe Partner. She is president of the US-based company Route 11 Publications and Info4Design, an information technology company based in France. She is currently living in Southern Italy.