TCUK18 Speaker Karla Reis – Increasing User Assistance Visibility

Karla Reis will be giving a presentation at TCUK18 on “Increasing User Assistance Visibility”.

Photo of Karla Reis

This presentation is about a project that aimed at making it easier for customers to consume our content; and thus boosting technical writers visibility and standing with internal stakeholders. We wanted a data-driven approach rather than working on assumptions, so we started with customer research, and then piloted our findings.

The results of this project were so impressive that they transformed our stakeholders into advocates for our cause, and who are now willing to voice their belief that good user assistance is beneficial not only to users but to the company as a whole.

About Karla Reis

I am a technical writer who lives and works in Brazil. For the last seven years, I have been developing user assistance for Brazil-localized software at SAP. I am passionate about user experience and about using social media to get closer to users.

I graduated in Languages Portuguese/English and worked as a translator for five years, before joining SAP.