TCUK18 Speaker Holli Hamilton – Call to Action! How tech writers can improve UX (workshop)

Holli Hamilton will be giving a TCUK18 workshop on ā€œCall to Action! How tech writers can improve UX”.

Photo of Holli Hamilton

As tech writers, we’re often one of the first non-engineers to interact with a new system. We have to find the ins and outs of it, to document those trials for our customers. When those ins and outs become a tangled web of check boxes and popups, then a tech writer has a choice: we can document around the issue or we can put on our designer hats and submit an improvement proposal.

In this workshop, Holli will provide exercises and examples that show how a novice (like her) at User Experience can provide feedback to help improve the customer’s journey and their impression of your company’s products. Delegates coming to this workshop will require a laptop connected to the internet to interact with example sites. The content surrounds software and websites as products but the theories can hopefully be applied to technical writers working in other industries.


Holli is currently the sole technical writer for Corero Network Security. She has been a technical writer for over 6 years and came into the field from a Fine Art background. While that may seem odd at first glance, she believes that they share the core values of communication, information absorption, and understanding your audience. She loves nothing more than the unity of these disciplines in a perfectly functional diagram.

Outside of work, she is currently renovating her first home and enjoys frustrating her husband with the amount of pinterest ideas you can cram into a single room.