TCUK18 Speaker Ant Davey – I’m just a technical writer. Actually, no.

Ant Davey will be giving a presentation at TCUK18 entitled “I’m just a technical writer. Actually, no.”

Photo of Ant Davey

At a conference some years ago, I was listening to an IBM senior staff member, responsible for customer experience, about career progression. There was an audible intake of breath from some of the younger members of the audience when she suggested that technical writers couldn’t, or shouldn’t expect to, be a technical writer for the whole of their career. Coming from marketing and PR, it wasn’t news to me.

Since I started work, I’ve written and managed direct mail campaigns, educational materials, website content, even a book chapter about metal detection in the food processing industry. I have shot and edited photographs and more recently video as well. I developed an information architecture for our in-house media library, trained as a change management specialist, handled customer enquiries, advocated for a move to structured authoring, supported two new website upgrades, created company-specific Facebook pages, and written annual reports. My latest venture is into scripting and producing podcasts. This short bio-pic covers the fields of activity that I’ve been involved in as a technical communicator that are just some of those that you might be asked to do in future.

About Ant Davey

A writer and editor in marketing and PR for 15 years, before I discovered that there was such a thing as technical writing. That’s when I enrolled on the distance-learning MA in Technical Authorship at Sheffield Hallam University (other courses are still available). I dabbled in writing software user guides for a few years before I was lucky enough to find a job in the rail industry. Now working on matters engineering, operational, physiological and psychological. As well as writing and editing I’m a teacher and mentor, photographer, videographer, video editor, and now podcast script writer and producer.