TCUK19 Speaker Andrea Flolid – What’s on Second?

Andrea Flolid will be giving a presentation at TCUK19 entitled “What’s on Second?”.

As a follow-up to last year’s presentation, Who’s on First, I will advance to second base and cover What’s on Second. Once you have completed audience analysis, the next step is to identify what your customers need to know.

I plan to use my increased involvement with our Customer Success team to move from Audience Analysis (who) to Content Development (what). My presentation is outlined below:

• What we did to collate customer feedback.
• What we did with this feedback to create an improvement plan.
• What we did to implement this change.

I will conclude with some specific examples of improved documentation based on customer feedback.

About Andrea Flolid

Andrea Flolid is a Staff Information Developer at Arm. She started her career over twenty years ago designing consumer phones and remote keyless entry systems at Motorola. After taking a career break, Andrea switched gears from engineering to technical writing. Since Andrea wrote most of her own technical documentation at Motorola, this wasn’t a very big stretch. However, switching from RF circuitry to semiconductor IP required a steep learning curve. In the end, providing her customers with high quality, technically accurate products has always been at the center of Andrea’s career.