TCUK18 Speaker Robert Kratky – Git(Hub) for Technical Writers: From Zero to Published Docs (workshop)

Robert Kratky will be giving a TCUK18 workshop on “Git(Hub) for Technical Writers: From Zero to Published Docs”.

Photo of Robert Kratky

Git, repositories, commits, and branches – whether these are new terms for you, or you already know your way around GitHub – come and learn how to use this platform, and what is this approach towards technical authoring.

In this workshop, we will start with an empty folder and end up with a simple system for validating our docs and an automated publishing process to get our edits to a static website. You will learn about Git, version control principles, and basics of continuous integration and delivery.

About Robert Kratky

Robert Kratky is a Principal Technical Writer at Red Hat. He has published dozens of technical and outreach articles in both print and online media, and presented about documentation topics. At Red Hat, Robert specializes on developer docs and improvement of user experience with documentation.