TCUK19 Speaker Chris Hester – Jack Denies, Ten Implies: The Power of Nonverbal Communication (Workshop)

Chris Hester will be giving a TCUK19 workshop on “Jack Denies, Ten Implies: The Power of Nonverbal Communication”.

Nowadays, we are so mindful about the words we speak that we forget what our physical presence is saying. Recognizing our nonverbal communication is particularly important for those of us who participate in video calls. Do our facial expressions and gestures support our words? How can we use others’ nonverbal cues to inform what we need to say or do?

In this workshop, we’ll discuss the rhetoric and types of nonverbal communication, as well as learn techniques for identifying and improving our nonverbal communication skills. Participants will discover how nonverbal communication can facilitate productive conversations and form stronger connections.

About Chris Hester

Chris is the Corporate Content Strategy and Operations Manager for UL, an STC Fellow, and a fair-weather cyclist. Prior to joining UL, she worked independently, delivering successful content strategy, taxonomy, and information architecture projects to a variety of clients, including those in the advertising, construction management, entertainment, financial services, and healthcare industries. She has been actively involved in the technical communication community as a volunteer and is a co-organizer of the Chicago Content Strategy Meetup group.