TCUK19 Speakers Zsuzsa Nagy & Derek Cooper – 10 records – CPD records keeping (Workshop)

Zsuzsa Nagy and Derek Cooper will be giving a TCUK19 workshop on “10 records – CPD records keeping”.

We will use example CPD records to improve (or start!) record keeping. We will also explore what else CPD records can be used for – turning a “chore” into a toolkit for on-the-job appraisals or job searches. The workshop is open to everybody. To get most out of the workshop, participants are requested to attend the session with their laptop and do about 1-2 hours of prep work.

About Zsuzsa Nagy

Zsuzsa Nagy has over 15 years of experience in the field of information design and is a Fellow of the ISTC. She has worked on manuals in various industries, including telecomms, microprocessor design, and inkjet print electronics. She has been keeping CPD records since she joined the ISTC in 2010.

About Derek Cooper

Derek Cooper is a Fellow of the ISTC and has been working in technical communications since 1992. He has written technical, service and user manuals, training courses and software help systems on a wide range of subjects. He has considerable experience with the Information Mapping and DITA topic-based writing methodologies. In his spare time he is active as a STEM Ambassador, discussing careers in engineering, technology and science with students of all ages at schools. As the chair of TCUK, he takes a deep interest in the process of making the conference successful and enjoyable for all attendees.