TCUK18 Speaker Bridget Khursheed – Cybersecurity and documentation: security considerations for authors

Bridget Khursheed will be giving a presentation at TCUK18 entitled “Cybersecurity and documentation: security considerations for authors”.

Photo of Bridget Khursheed

When APIs make documentation synonymous with the product, what security considerations should authors be aware of? In a PSD2 world where cybersecurity is key what vulnerabilities might documents expose to an attacker? This talk explores how you can maximise security in API and other documentation and learn a defensive mindset to promote and protect company information through security best practice.

About Bridget Khursheed

Bridget Khursheed is a poet and geek from the Scottish Borders. She works at KAL, a fintech company based in Edinburg,h as Global Documentation Manager and is currently studying for an MSc in Advanced Security and Digital Forensics.