TCUK19 Speaker Liz Gregory – Ten hundred topics? Try planning with mind maps

Liz Gregory will be giving a presentation at TCUK19 entitled “Ten hundred topics? Try planning with mind maps“.



Topic-based authoring is like managing your life on post-it notes. They’re small, there can be hundreds of them, and sometimes you walk off with one stuck to your shoe. It’s hard to work small but see the big picture.

A visual person, I found my solution in mind maps. I use structure, colours, and icons to plan and manage my project, topic types, effort, progress, and issues within our agile framework.

This presentation will outline the techniques I use in Mindjet MindManager. Mind maps aren’t for everyone, but if you like your information visual, maybe they’re for you!

You can download a trial version of Mindjet MindManager here: and have a go yourself.

About Liz Gregory

Liz Gregory MISTC is the sole technical author at tvONE and writes about commercial AV hardware and software. She has a background in chemistry and education and is a champion of user-first content. Liz’s current big project is raising a wonderful daughter while continuing to be the sole author supporting 500 products. She’s learned a lot about juggling deadlines, priorities, and being organised: plan, plan, plan, and always carry a contingency nappy. She is a dedicated member of the Thames Valley ISTC group, and enjoys knitting, web comics, and ball pits.