TCUK19 Speaker Mike Hamilton – Micro Content, Chatbots, and Machine Learning – What Do They Mean for Technical Authoring?

Mike Hamilton will be giving a presentation at TCUK19 entitled “Micro Content, Chatbots, and Machine Learning – What Do They Mean for Technical Authoring?”.

In our high technology world, the need for quality content is always growing. However, how that content is delivered or received is constantly evolving. In this session, Mike Hamilton will introduce the concepts around “micro content” and how it will impact traditional technical authoring. The session will cover how your content can support your existing publishing requirements (PDF, HTML5, eBook, etc.) and be made compatible with micro content at the same time. Learn how to prepare your content for use as source material for automated chat feeds, bots, and other automated delivery techniques.

About Mike Hamilton

Mike has over thirty years of experience in training, technical communication, multimedia development, and software development at several organizations including Blue Sky Software/eHelp/Macromedia where he ran the RoboHelp program from 1998 to 2005, Cymer, a leading supplier of laser illumination sources to the semiconductor industry, National Steel & Shipbuilding, and the US Navy.

Mike is often a featured speaker at industry events, including the WinWriters Online Help Conferences, STC (the Society for Technical Communication) Annual Summits, TCWorld events, TCUK, SOAP, and many more events. Mike has also appeared at the Microsoft Campus and STC regional conferences and events.

Mike is also frequently quoted in technology articles in various trade publications.