TCUK18 Speaker Daniele Procida – Four functions in the structure of technical documentation (and why they matter)

Daniele Procida will be giving a presentation at TCUK18 entitled “Four functions in the structure of technical documentation (and why they matter)”.

Photo of Daniele Procida

Despite the effort that gets put into it, not all technical documentation is successful. It’s often not very helpful for the users who need to rely on it, and it’s a burden and a chore for the authors who have to maintain it. Many of these issues can be traced back to problems in the documentation’s structure. There are four key functions in technical documentation. Structuring documentation according to its four distinct functions helps ensure that each of them is adequately served. It also makes it far easier to write and maintain. Using real-life examples I’ll draw out the key functions of documentation, and how they map onto different ways of writing it. Putting this into practice is simple when armed with some basic guidelines. The benefits are enormous, and available with a minimum of effort.

About Daniele Procida

I am a Python/Django programmer with a particular interest in documentation. I live in Cardiff, Wales, and work at Divio, a Swiss software company. I have contributed to or guided the documentation of a number of different software projects. I’m very involved in international open-source software communities and their activities, especially in the growing pan-African Python programming movement.