TCUK19 Speaker Olly Kirillova – Don’t Panic! Applying 10 Risk Management Principles to Technical Communication

Olly Kirillova will be giving a presentation at TCUK19 entitled “Don’t Panic! Applying 10 Risk Management Principles to Technical Communication“.

Have you ever felt as if you are on fire because the deadlines shifted again? Although there are some risks that you cannot prepare for, there are many others you can control, predict and plan for. 

Technical communicators can apply risk management strategies to prepare for different outcomes. A proper risk management plan is what will keep you sane and in control. In this session, I’ll cover the basics: what constitutes a risk in Technical Communications, how to identify and evaluate risks, and, most importantly, how to set up an effective risk mitigation framework and finally stop panicking.

About Olly  Kirillova

Olly Kirillova, a technical communicator, content developer, and a bit of a control freak. Being a technical communicator for almost ten years, I worked in diverse projects, aimed at skilled IT professionals as well as completely non-technical users. I believe that user needs come first and always advocate for people I write for. My inner perfectionist finds joy when the documentation tasks are on track and risks are well-managed. Besides technical communications, I’m interested in project management, UX, and travelling.