TCUK18 Speaker Sarah Thomson – Developing user-centred content in an agile world

Sarah Thomson will be giving a presentation at TCUK18 entitled “Developing user-centred content in an agile world”.

Photo of Sarah Thomson

You might be an expert communicator, but it’s users who have all the answers.

Working on GOV.UK services, every word needs to earn its place on the screen and make sense to users. If the language is meaningless, or means something else, people won’t be able to complete tasks and money will be wasted.

This session shares case studies from GOV.UK services. It explains how working in multi-disciplinary teams in an agile environment can help you to focus on the language of users; in turn, helping you to iterate the words you write as new user needs come to light.

About Sarah Thomson

Sarah is a Lead Content Designer on GOV.UK services, where she works in multi-disciplinary teams to serve citizens and organisations across England and Wales.

Before working in content design, Sarah worked for more than 10 years in content-related roles across the public, private and third sectors. After a successful career improving user experience through language and content design, Sarah now advises businesses on how to improve their services and mentors the next generation of content designers.

You can often find Sarah on Dartmoor, exploring its tors, or on the coast, sitting on rocks fishing for mackerel for dinner.