TCUK18 Speaker David McGuire – The content alchemist: how to turn technical information into marketing gold (workshop)

David McGuire will be giving a TCUK18 workshop on “The content alchemist: how to turn technical information into marketing gold”.

Photo of David McGuire

Here’s something marketers won’t tell you: the future belongs to great technical communicators. People don’t want to be sold to anymore. They want to feel in control of their choices, and to do their own research.

Suddenly, marketers have realised that a gift for explaining technical details clearly is a rare and valuable thing.

Since the advent of inbound marketing, B2B technology copywriter David McGuire has spent his days in the increasingly blurred space between technical content, and content marketing.

In this frank and practical workshop, David will reveal:

  • his secret ingredients for turning technical detail into content marketing assets
  • the importance of technical experts in producing authoritative B2B copy
  • five questions that reveal whether a piece of content will work in marketing copy

About David McGuire

Creative Director of Business-to-Business copywriting agency Radix Communications, David makes his living turning dry, dusty and technical subjects into compelling marketing content for the world’s biggest brands.

He’s written white papers about GPS testing, ebooks about pensions, and websites about injection moulding. To some, his electronic controller adverts, air conditioning maintenance case studies and blog posts about data segmentation are the stuff of legend. (Well, almost.)

David is also the host of the UK’s national Copywriting Conference, and co-presents the “Good Copy, Bad Copy” podcast, as well as speaking on copy and content issues for software, technology and marketing groups.