TCUK19 Speaker Jean Rollinson – 10 commandments of technical writing – are they still relevant?

Jean Rollinson will be giving a presentation at TCUK19 entitled “10 commandments of technical writing – are they still relevant?”.

What are the ten commandments of technical writing? Many versions have done the rounds on social media, but in this presentation, I will look at the list that appeals most to me and consider whether they are true and whether they work for all situations. I will then move on to consider whether, with the changes and developments in technical writing, they are still relevant. For example, with the rise of content on demand and users only reading bits of text relevant to their situation at the moment, we can’t always know the context or what the user has already read.

About Jean Rollinson

I have been a technical author and editor since 1994 and have worked mostly in the software industry. I am happiest playing with MadCap Flare, but I also try to help other people use Word efficiently. I spent nearly 13 years as a freelance technical author and editor while my children were growing up, but I prefer the stability of permanent work.