TCUK18 Speaker Frances Gordon – How to write in plain language (workshop)

Frances Gordon will be giving a TCUK18 workshop on “How to write in plain language”.

Photo of Frances Gordon

This fun and practical workshop will give you a solid grounding in plain language theory and practice. You’ll learn what plain language is (compared to other types of controlled and restricted languages) and how to evaluate whether content is written in plain language.

You’ll do practical exercises that will show you a tried-and-tested process for writing in plain language, right from initial planning through to checking your work at the end.
The purpose of the workshop is not only to show you techniques that you can use right away, but also to give you a process that you’ll find useful to share within your organisation. It’ll also help you to promote plain language at your organisation, even among the most sceptical colleagues. The Simplified plain language framework has been used to train over 8,000 professionals in the UK, Portugal, France, South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya.

About Frances Gordon

Frances’ career started in rural South Africa where she wrote and designed instructional materials for low literacy adults. During her 20-year career, she has held tenures at Datatec/Logical as communications strategist, at London-based Siegel & Gale as Head of Content (EMEA), and at Barclaycard as VP of Content Strategy (UK).

In 2004, Frances co-founded Simplified, a plain-language training and consultancy firm. Frances sat on the board of international plain language organisation, PLAIN. She was part of the advisory committee of IC Clear, an EU-funded initiative that developed a post-graduate course in clear communication. In 2017, Simplified licensed its plain language business writing course to France’s University of Strasbourg for its online master’s programme in Technical Communication and Localisation (TCLoc).