TCUK19 Speaker George Bina – Docs as Code and DITA

George Bina will be giving a presentation at TCUK19 entitled “Docs as Code and DITA”

Treating Documentation as Code and using similar tools as developers is a trend known as “Docs as Code” that gained a lot of adoption in the recent years. “Docs as Code” approach is usually associated with source formats like Markdown, Asciidoc while DITA is associated with a heavy, old, monolithic CMS, as if DITA implies that CMS. In reality, this is not the case, DITA is a perfect fit for “Docs as Code” solutions and it is actually used as such in a number of projects. It provides also many advantages like semantic tagging, built-in reuse functionality, validation frameworks for both structure and business rules and more.

About George Bina

George Bina is one of the founders of Syncro Soft, the company that develops oXygen XML suite of XML editing, authoring, development, publishing and collaboration tools. He has more than 20 years of experience in working with XML and related technologies, bringing many innovative ideas to reality and contributing to XML-related open-source projects.

He presented at many XML, DITA, and technical communication conferences, giving passionate presentations and challenging the technological status quo, trying to get the audience to think outside the box, and re-imagine the future.