TCUK18 Speaker Jennifer O Neill – Working with third-party content. What are the challenges?

Jennifer O Neill will be giving a presentation at TCUK18 entitled “Working with third-party content. What are the challenges?”

Photo of Jennifer O Neill

Outsourcing is big business and growing. Companies are increasingly outsourcing product development and services to reduce costs and focus on their core business. But when a company outsources the development and manufacturing of a product to another company, what happens to the documentation? How do you ensure that content quality and branding standards are maintained?

This presentation will discuss the impact of product outsourcing on technical communication. It will discuss the challenges technical writers can face when working with content developed by another company. We’ll cover content quality, legal issues, localization, tools, terminology management, as well as working with different companies, in particular Chinese companies.

About Jennifer O Neill

Jennifer works as a technical writer and localization specialist in Brussels, Belgium, for UTC Fire & Security. She is responsible for producing the documentation for video security products. She has over 20 years’ experience in the profession, mainly in the manufacturing sector. She has worked with many OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) companies around the world to customize the documentation and firmware of outsourced products for a global market.